Why Streetwear is Dying

I’ve been wanting to write an article on why streetwear is dead. Most of you will probably disagree or agree. Let me know what you think after reading this in the comments or twitter @ThatK1dB.

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Everyone wants to start a clothing line

One of the main reasons why streetwear is dying is because everyone wants to have a clothing line. That is what ruined this industry. Many people think they have what it takes to make it in the streetwear fashion business. It takes a lot of hard work, sweat, and tears to be a successful brand.

It’s not easy.

Upcoming clothing brands often contact me for advice on how to make their brand go to the next level or for assistance on buyers and marketing. Most of the upcoming brands that contact me I can tell from the first time I look at their merchandise why their clothing line isn’t selling. It’s either they don’t have anything that is visually appealing OR they don’t even have any design mock ups or actual products.

This is what I feel like doing to them…..

This is what frustrates me because most of them don’t even have a clue of what they’re doing and think they can just come in the game and be the next Nike or Adidas.

I usually recommend them to a post I wrote on how people can get their streetwear brand started. This is a stepping stone on getting your clothing line started the right way.

No one wants to buy a shitty design

All these lames that think they can come into the industry and start making millions are a little gassed up. If it were that easy everyone would have a clothing line.

It all comes down to what you have to offer that is unique to the consumer.

I made a checklist on how to make your clothing line not suck! I definitely recommend you to read it to make sure what you are doing is correct!

Final Words

In order to sustain longevity and respect in this industry you have to have some knowledge & theory behind your design. It isn’t just about slapping a cool graphic on a T-shirt or Snapback.

Do your history! Learn and adapt to the constant wave of change.

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Why Streetwear is Dying or potentially about to die.

Why Streetwear is Dying
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