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Running Through the 6 with my WoesIf you are here you’re probably asking yourself what does Drake really mean when he says ‘Woe’ in his new mixtape album, hence – If you’re reading this it’s too late.

Don’t worry we got the answer for you. Even our staff was wondering wtf he meant.

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What does Drake mean by Woes?

Drake is a sneaky guy because he released this mixtape album with no release date and has yet to disappoint anyone. There has been some controversy over what Drake actually means when he says ” I was running through the 6 with my woes”.

If you can’t read between the lines. He could be referring to his whole movement AND/OR crew – maybe his next album title? Join the discussion in the comments.

Listen to the song and let us know what you think

Preview the full song below. Purchase it on iTunes here.

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  • Jasmine

    lol i was curious to know wtf he was talkinga bout

  • John E

    so what happened to ovo?

    • Shawn Sizeron

      Its just a movement or crew i think. dont think he really dropped ovo

  • Paul Jamal Thomas

    I swore Woe was short for whodie? Cause woe and whodie have the same definition basically. New Orleans ain’t gonna be happy about this.

  • Bdozer

    There Is one MAJOR in accuracy in the quote explaining the mean that has Drakes name at the end. It was not Drakes Quote or movement! Open the article link and get your facts straight! The Toronto rapper that explains “WOE” is Toronto rapper Devontée it’s his quote not him explaining what Drakes meaning of the word is.

  • Don’t ask what my name is

    It means with his “homies” basically

  • jess12

    He’s a devil worshipper…. Geez people, get it together! Jesus is LORD

    • dofzion1998

      Amen, Amen Amen! Jesus IS, ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS BE LORD!!

  • Rainbo Beats

    “The 6” is Toronto (Drake is Canadian). “My woes” is my friends.

  • Mekiyah

    No he was running through the 6 (hell) wit his woes (sinners) he worships the devil

  • jaysob

    on my momma he the best rapper a a hell wor shiper

  • Jimmy James

    Why can’t the 6 just be his city and woes mean woes? Like sadness and worries, his label fell apart, the game changed. And he went back to his city with a heavy head. I’m in the 5 lol, and woes would mean that by definition. Quit looking so hard. He’s had a hard few years and went and touched base with his city where he’s from. And if he had some Louisiana slang for his partners that works too. He’s been under a Louisiana label from the jump. And it’s definitely not the empire it used to be. Come on people, it’s Drake, he is emotional. Quit with the illuminati shit. Real shit is happening in the world. And Niggas in Paris doesn’t mean anything other than Eagles of Death Metal. The world doesn’t revolve around around people on high rises.

  • Douglas F Stone

    “The 6” is Toronto (Drake is Canadian). “woes” literally means (things that cause sorrow or distress; troubles). He was going threw the 6 (in Canada) with his troubles.

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