When it comes to shopping online there are many ways you can save money. With the internet constantly evolving, I knew that I needed to develop a more healthy relationship of shopping smarter and over the course of a year, I did simply that.

Don't be fooled!

Don't be fooled like this lady Don't be fooled like this lady

Let me share my top 5 shopping tips with you. I hope they make it easier to shop smarter online and offline. We don't want you to be fooled or played with like this lady.

At the end of the day who doesn't like shopping? We all work hard and we all want to look fly.

Am I Wrong?

Our top 5 shopping tips

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2/ Set a price range


Set a price range. That is vital. Many individuals overspend on shit they don’t need, want or use. This causes you to go broke! Not a sensible method to shop, right? It is advisable to set a price range  where you know your limitations. This also coincides with our #1 tip, without a list of what you want or need you can over spend.

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2/ Set a price range

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