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Let’s face it – Drake is one of the hottest rappers/singers right now and without doubt selling albums and causing havoc on social media. Which is why Drake is so successful.

Regardless of being bashed by ‘so called stealing lyrics or having ghost writers’. He is still in headlines and is what makes Drake relevant around the internet.

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Drake is Hot right now

Drake - Hotline BlingWith Drake dropping “If you’re reading this its too late” following its first four weeks on sale, it had sold over 700,000 copies. Then came hotline bling, causing a trending topic with his hotline bling dance moves.

Not only was he trending with Hot line bling – before this, he actually destroyed Meek Mill with his diss track Back to Back causing social media to mock Meek Mill with LOSS for the year.

Drake keeps breaking Records And Quickly

Drake - Popping ChampagneLately Drake’s hard work has been paying off. Drake manages to accomplish such great work in such short amount of time.

Over the years Drake has been able to show that it’s okay to be yourself which is a truth that many in our generation often struggle with. Drake continues to be a voice for our generation and a positive one at that. Plus the females love him, there is no denying that.

Drake know’s how to make music

Drake - I'm worry about me give a fuck about youIf you listen to most of his music, we can all relate. Whether we are turning up on Tuesday, hanging with our woes, or one of your ex’s is calling your hotline bling.

His choice of music is what makes him keep breaking records and keeping him in the top 10 on Bill Boards and iTunes. His music selection and lyrics is what makes the females love him even more.

Here are our top favorite songs from Drake’s previous album.

3 Reasons why Drake is so successful

Drake will always be one of the hottest ‘singers/rappers’ out right now, whether you want to accept it or not. He keeps breaking records and ends up being trolled on social media whether it is good or bad he will always be a topic.

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