How to Start a Streetwear Clothing Brand

What does it take to make a streetwear brand successful?

Try thinking of the most well known brands out right now? Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Customer Service, and Quality all play a crucial & vital role.

What does it take to make a streetwear brand successful?

The streetwear market is a crowded place, with varied manufacturers popping out on daily basis. Everyone thinks they have what it takes to achieve success in underground vogue, however don’t permit the overloaded market to discourage you from wanting to supply one thing new.

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95% Lack Innovation

At all times do not forget that for each one hundred manufacturers that come out, 4% are fully distinctive and 95% of them lack innovation. The final 1% stands for the model that can do what just a few have accomplished. Offering the consumer what they're already familiar with and including some distinctive parts will definitely enable you to stand out.

There are many steps in how to start a street brand. These are just some tips and steps on how and where to start a brand. This doesn't cover every aspect of the business but milestones in the growth of success.

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In starting a streetwear brand, maintain these things in mind.

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Stay Humble & Original

Be Unique & Original. 

It’s okay to gather inspiration from your favorite clothing brands, but that doesn’t give you the liberty to copy the design. This is another crucial element on creating and starting a brand. Make sure you don’t copy designs, this will lead to lawsuits, loss of profits because of dealing with copy right infringement claims.


I really hate seeing brands copy other brands. Don’t do it! Is it hard to be original? Don’t be one of the brands that ends up on Worldstar for being sued by Chanel or Louis Vuitton for generating profits from their symbolic designs. Believe me, many companies have been sued and you won’t be the first or last.

Point is, just be yourself and original. No one likes a poser or a FAKE. This goes well with our next tip.

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Stay Humble & Original