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How to Promote your Streetwear brand

Struggling to get more sales for your brand? Not sure how or where to advertise or promote your brand? Unsure of what works or what doesn’t? Follow our tips and you will be on track to generating sales for your clothing line. Not only that but generate influence on the internet and locally in your city.

Having a business isn’t easy, especially a start up, when you first start a business it’s hard to get on your feet and get your clothing line/brand noticed. It’s tough to get it all started but that is not the only difficult task you encounter when starting a clothing line.

Selling your brand can be very hard at first and it all depends on how and what you’re selling. Take a look at how to start a streetwear brand to get an idea on what makes a brand, a GOOD brand. Make sure you follow our checklist on how to make your brand not suck and you may also learn something by reading reasons why no one is buying your brand.

Anyway – you came here for tips on how to attract more sales and promote your clothing line. So we have a few tips for you that will help you grow as a business and get more brand awareness.

Take advantage of social media

We cannot take away from social media because most likely you have a social media account OR if you don’t, you probably know someone that knows someone that does. Right or wrong?

Social media is a great platform for you to advertise and we may not think it is but think about it – most spend their day socializing with their friends through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, or Instagram.

Why not utilize this to our advantage?


Use Facebook to Promote your Streetwear brand

If you don’t already have a Facebook page – create one! You can sign up here for free using your personal Facebook. While you’re doing this, think of creative ways you can use Facebook to generate and attract customers.

Ways you can use Facebook to promote your brand:

  • Create a sharing contest – ask your audience/followers to share your Facebook post to win a product of their choice (or you choose).
  • Create an ad – to get more likes for your page or more visits to your website. This will help your brand get more awareness and generate more traffic to your online store.
  • Create a post with a discount code – to your website and boost your post. Whether it’s $10 or $30 the audience you will reach will depend on your area but it will help you get your brand noticed.

Tips when creating a Facebook page:

  • Use a high quality logo of your clothing line as your profile picture
  • Use a cover photo of a sexy female or male model with your merchandise
  • Use your brands mission statement as your Facebook description
  • Sponsor your posts with a discount code, this will encourage new sales and new likes to your store and Facebook page
  • Use a high quality image or a short video clip of your product to engage your fans.

Use Facebook to its full potential, you also do not necessarily need to throw money on ads either. Think of creative ways to attract new customers and fans for your brand.


TwitterTwitter is another great platform for you to utilize. If you don’t have a company profile, we suggest to sign up. Don’t wait until tomorrow take action and sign up here. If you do have one, you’re already ahead of the game.

There are several ways you can use Twitter to generate sales for your brand. One of them is to advertise on Twitter. In order to advertise on Twitter you will need to register for an advertising account, you can do that here. Besides paying for advertisements you can run contests without spending money for free, just like Facebook.

Ways you can use Twitter to promote your brand:

  • Create a retweet contest. Ask your followers to retweet your tweet and a random winner will win.
  • Ask people to tweet an image of their favorite product from your online store and a random winner will win that product.
  • Create a like contest. Tweet an image of your product(s) and once it reaches 50 likes one random person will win that product.
  • Reach out to Twitter influencers to exchange a shout out, retweet or a tweet for a care package.

Tips when creating a company Twitter account:

  • Use a high quality logo of your clothing line as your profile picture.
  • Use a cover photo of a sexy female or male model with your merchandise.
  • Add your brands tagline as your Twitter description.
  • Add your website URL to your profile.
  • High click through rate conversions are made with tweets with images.
  • We suggest to use high quality images, gif’s or short video clip of your product(s) when tweeting.


Instagram is another great source to generate sales and get the word out for your brand. Even though Instagram has a strict advertising program, you can still create your own contests without spending any money on promoting.

Ways you can use Instagram to promote your brand:

  • Create a repost contest. Ask your followers to repost an image with a specific hashtag and a random winner will win. You will gain exposure, likes and more followers by doing this.
  • Direct Message or reach out to people with influence. Send them a care package and ask them to tag, hashtag and @mention you in exchange for free merchandise.
  • Shout out for Shout out. Ask pages/people to do shout for shout. The only thing with this is that it sounds like your begging. If people know about your brand THEY will follow by choice.

Tips when creating a Instagram account:

  • Use a high quality logo of your clothing line as your profile picture.
  • Add your brands tagline as your description.
  • Add your store URL to your profile.
  • We suggest to use high quality images, gif’s or short video clip of your product(s) when posting on Instagram.
  • When posting on Instagram add a unique discount code to your Instagram followers.

These are all optional, the point here is that you can use social media to generate more sales by doing contests, advertising and reaching out to top influencers. This may work for some and may not work for others.

I know this is a lot to take in and a lot to do if you don’t have a social network yet. Managing all your accounts can get crazy – tools we do suggest to help ease the management of your social accounts are Buffer and/or Hootsuite these tools can help you manage and schedule promotions and updates ahead of time.

At the end of the day it all depends on how much effort you put in to make more sales. The more effort you put in the more chances of you creating a buzz keep that in mind.

Street Hustle

Random guy handing out flyers

Look at this guy, sticking to the basics.

Besides social media you can always go back to the basics. What we mean by this is – street hustle. You probably see them when you’re walking downtown, commuting to work or walking to the corner store – selling cd’s, handing out flyers to a local event, food trucks, lemonade stands, or trying to sell you something that you have no use for. We can’t hate on them because they’re trying to hustle.

Now ask yourself, how can I promote my brand on the street?

Think about that.

Ways to promote your brand on the street

One way to do this is to design flyers, stickers and pins with your brands logo and tag line. After you feel comfortable with the design, then comes printing. We use a local print company to support our local community, I’m pretty sure you can find one as well or you can use a print shop online.

Snapbackshouts x Daily Reup

Snapback Shouts & Daily Reup Stickers

When designing your flyers or stickers, always aim for high quality work, if you can’t afford to purchase any of these items you can always print them out on a white plain paper and cut them out yourself. Keep in mind, what your handing out to a potential customer is a perception of what they’re going to purchase.

After you have a handful of materials to hand out, ask your friends to join your movement. Look for busy avenues or areas and look for people you want to target or individuals you know would be interested in your brand. Again, this is a basic way of doing a person to person promotion and there is nothing wrong with this, you’re just hustling.

Create weekly or monthly sales

We’re going to assume that you already have a online store. If you don’t, you can try Big Cartel, eBay or Shopify to get started. Depending on what merchant you chose to go with, will depend on what you have to offer. When opening up a store online take into consideration, what merchandise you’re going to have on your shop, what payment methods you are going to accept, inventory management and monthly/yearly fees – but that’s a whole different topic.

Let’s talk about how we can use scheduled promotions to your advantage.

Use promotions and discounts to engage customers

Schedule weekly or monthly sales, whether it is 5%, 10% or 20% OFF or Free shipping. What ever it is, it will help you generate recurring customers. This can also help you when advertising on social media as we mentioned before.

Another way is to give a new customer a discount on their first purchase whether it is free shipping or 10% off. This is another method of you generating buzz and receive a sale.

Create a referral program

We highly recommend this – why, you ask? It is another way of you gaining free advertising, which means more customers and more sales.

How does a referral program work?

This is how it works, a customer signs up and they get assigned a specific discount code or a unique referral link. When someone uses their discount code or makes a purchase using their referral link – they get a commission and you receive a sale. This is a win for both of you, the customer gets store credit by commission and you generate a sale.

We highly recommend this, because not only do you get free advertising you also generate buzz on what ever platform they are using to promote their discount code. We’re not saying a referral program is going to bring in an X amount of sales because it all depends on how much effort the sales representative puts in. Don’t rely on just the referral program to attract more sales either.

Last words

We know this is a lot to take in but we anticipate all these tips can help you get a better idea of how to promote your brand. Some of what you read is probably not new at all but we do hope we encouraged you and guided you in the right direction. If at all you have any questions please ask in the comments and/or feel free to contact me me@bryanbarrera.com

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