How to make your clothing line NOT suck Checklist

We know how valuable your brand is and the reason why you are probably here is because you don’t want your brand to SUCK! or maybe you want to make your streetwear brand better! Am I right?

There are lot of factors that play into having an amazing list of products. But fashion has been crowded with a lot fakes and frauds. Which made me write a post on why streetwear is dead. I suggest you take a look at why streetwear is dying. While you are here might as well check out how to make a streetwear brand from scratch the right way.

As always there may be a few things I may have missed so feel free to comment your thoughts! I don’t care if its bad feedback or maybe you got something to add to the list? Let me know.

Anyway, let’s get into the list.

How to make your clothing line or brand NOT suck Checklist:

1// sum up your clothing line/brand in one sentence
2// don’t make your brand all about money signs and Illuminati signs
3// have some design direction when you’re designing your merchandise
4// expand your collection (Unisex Products, Snapbacks, Beanies, Socks, etc..)
5// expand your color theory
6// collaborate with another brand/partner
7// start printing your logo, tagline onto your merchandise
8// apply a hidden message somewhere on your collection
9// make limited pieces that will make your brand more exclusive
10// try to reach out to other brands and see if they are willing to collaborate with you
11// hire a attractive female model to model your clothes. SEX appeal SELLS!
12// try to keep your designs to a minimum. Less is MORE!
13// stay away from trying to replicate another iconic and well known brands logo

Download this checklist

You can take this on the go or save it for future reference. Download PDF

This is a checklist that will guide you through some of the mistakes some upcoming clothing lines are making. Save this as a future reference.

Like I previously said, let me know what you think in the comments!

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