What’s a woman without a credit card and a load of shopping bags?!

– a lost soul. just kidding! 

It is kind of a lifeline for every woman to survive in this world. Not all women love to shop but when taken a universal poll, 99% of the women would agree to be crazy, fanatic shoppers. But there are many other women for whom life is a little bit tougher in terms of picking out time for themselves and driving up to the mall in order to vent through their wallets (to shop that is).

That is why we have shortlisted 6 of the best online shopping destinations from where you can shop a wide range of variety from accessories, heels and makeup under $100, which will make you fall in love with them the moment you go for the click.

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Garage Clothing

Garage ClothingThis website will take you with a storm, trust us when we say this! With a wide range of amazing and street smart denims there isn’t even a single chance for you to not to fall prey to the hands of this brand.

The brand originates from Montreal and has a number of outlets in a few other countries thus, the best part of having a clever website like Garage is that you don’t have to have your shoppers inside Montreal, anyone can shop and get their hands on magnificent, teen-spiring and chic overalls, accessories or bags.

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Revolve Clothing

Revolve ClothingIf you are the one who always looks out for great deals on all kinds of brands then Revolveclothing.com is the right place for you. Started 12 years ago as a venture of 2 friends, Revolve now caters to more than 500 bands, which means you have tons of options to chose and shortlist from.

The website offers a great deal of brands and some really affordable prices. Revolve is the right place for you to be informed about the new collections that every other brand offers with the change of season and along with that comes the most anticipated seasonal sales. The best part about Revolve is that it offers worldwide shipping and has a long range of countries that it ships to; increasing your chances of shopping even more.

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Urban Outfitters

Urban OutfittersIt might sound pretty cliché from the title of the website but once you enter into the world of Urban Outfitters Community it is really hard for anyone to come out of it.

Sounds pretty mysterious, right?

Urban Outfitters also presents its chic and classic variety of furniture and other apartment items that will not only bring class to your home but will also change its overall ambiance. For me it is actually hard to close the browser window and not to think of all the amazing stuff that is online (if only I was a millionaire).

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6 PM

6pmIf you are one of those shoppers who are always into knowing which brand is up to offer the best retail prices then 6pm.com is your place to be at. There’s so much to see and so much to go through. You might need to finish off any pending work that you have and then come over to shop.

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Go Jane

Go JaneLife is a mystery for those who do not wish to explore the alternatives. Of all the 4 shopping websites that we have presented to you thus far – we are now adding in the 5th to the pool for you to have an overwhelming experience of shopping online, through our recommendations. You can look out for bags, dresses, accessories, intimates and a lot more with the help of simple and easy site navigation.

All the stuff available online at GoJane is making its way to our wishlist and we cannot wait to avail the amazing discounts being offered. Don’t forget to order yours!

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Forever 21

Forever 21Forever 21 is another source for you to use as your premier wardrobe connect. Forever 21 always has insane deals and discounts going on. They have a variety of different styles which you can switch up from business to casual. Check out the sale section, I bet you will find something there for a very low price.

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Another reason why we listed these stores is because they ALWAYS have special discounted offers available at affordable prices.

What website do you shop at the most? Leave us a comment!

6 Affordable Websites for Women's Clothing
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