A$AP Rocky is one of the most innovated hip-hop artists of our generation. Breaking boundaries in terms of the stereotypical New York rapper, A$AP Rocky uses his influences of other cultures in his music. His creative interpretation of hip-hop has created so much success for his team and himself as well.

The eclectic sounds of Harlem NY, Houston, Cleveland, and his personal flare, Pretty Flacko Joyde, has stayed relevant in the Hip-Hop game. With the anticipation of his 2nd major album, Rocky has been putting out singles to create the hype.

Love Sex Drugs…dreams?

For whom who don’t know what LSD is, LSD (better known as acid) is a synthetic crystalline compound, lysergic acid diethylamide that is a potent hallucinogenic drug.

Right off the bat you can hear the different influences that A$AP Rocky is aspired by. Instrumentation mimics a nostalgic 1970’s type of vibe. The guitar strings really sets off the ambience and the organs as well.

In addition to the trippy production, the way Rocky constructed the song vocally, really accents the nature of being high on acid. With the melodic verses and harmonic chorus, the song really reminisce Woodstock. Although the song has a very tripped out melodic sound throughout most of the song, there is a break on the third verse. Within the third verse, Rocky brings back that hip-hop flavor and spits his trademark bars. A modern-day Jimi Hendrix, A$AP Rocky never fails to be innovated with his musical craft.

There is a big sense of love, happiness, and peace resonance throughout the whole song. You can tell that by the visuals that he accompanied to LSD. LOVE SEX DREAMS.


ASAP Rocky – Love x Sex Dreams

The video was shot in Japan. In this video, Rocky is with a beautiful Japanese girl exploring Japan. The visual aesthetic displays the experience of having a good acid trip. Rocky definitely achieved that ambience of that urban hippie, hipster, and carefree aura in his video.

As you know A$AP Rocky is very big into fashion.

I’m going to end it with..

A$AP Rocky continues to push the envelope with is creativity. Trying to break the social norms that are associated with hip-hop, A$AP Rocky continues his musical journey.

What do you think? Do you think that A$AP Rocky’s album will live up to the hype?

Make sure to comment below and give us your opinion. Originally to be released on June 2nd, A$AP Rocky decided to release and have an available full stream at Midnight of May 26th.

Preview the album here


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Acid Trippin In Japan: A$AP Rocky Paints the LSD Experience
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