6 Reasons why no one is buying your Streetwear brand

People often think that once their product is finalized..money is going to pour in! Guess what! You’re wrong! We got you with 6 reasons why no one is buying your streetwear brand.

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There are quite a few reasons what you are promoting is probably not as profitable as you’d prefer it to be. We don’t have time to dive into each each reason why your streetwear brand sucks which is probably why it isn’t as profitable – but here are some of the reasons why it probably sucks.

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Let’s get into it!

1// You aren’t passionate

People typically overlook the significance of being excited about what they do. Passion is a key element you need to have a successful business.

For those who are not 100% confident about their product and aren’t enthusiastic about it, don’t anticipate your prospects to be.

2// Your advertising is all about you

Self promotion is misunderstood. Sure, you wish to market your self, and your services or products. However the focus must be in your prospect, not you.

Self promotion is NOT about selling you; it’s about selling what you are able to do for others.

3// Your brand has no motive to exist

Individuals purchase based mostly on difference, not similarity. You should have a motive to exist within the market. Don’t be one other “me too” competitor.

Like Ye say’s “Do Dope Things“. Provide one thing that nobody else does.

4// You’re focused on price instead of value

If somebody has a problem with the price of your services or products, it’s because the value isn’t clear.

Focus on the benefits customers get out of your services or products and price becomes irrelevant.

5// You aren’t Engaging

The way forward for enterprise is advertising with individuals, not at them. Don’t put up a wall together with your viewers. Get to know them and permit them to get to know you. Dialog is king.

6// Lack of Dedication

Advertising and marketing campaigns come and go. Your brand is just not a marketing campaign, it’s a dedication. You aren’t fully dedicated on your streetwear brand. If you aren’t passionate or dedicated on your brand don’t expect profits to start pouring in.

Have some confidence!

Here is a useful guide on how to get your streetwear brand started.

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