The music industry has changed drastically in the last decade. Upcoming artists no longer require a major record label to help put their careers on the map. You might ask which artists are successful that are independent. Some of the artists of today are Joey Bada$$, Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller (before he decided to sign with Warner Bros), Danny Brown and Odd Future just to name a few (if I missed any or if you know more indie artists, please mention them on the comment section below).

The advancement of technology, specifically the Internet, has changed the game in a major way. Do you agree? Although major record labels have their advantages in terms of financial support. Artists are still suffering from a lot of legality and creative flaws.

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Factors such as creative expression, contractual agreements, gate-kept content, and musicality freedom all dwell upon artists signed to major record labels. Being an independent artist is lively due to one factor; FREEDOM. Just know that the path of an independent artist is no easy one. I will name 5 things to help you understand what it takes to be a successful independent artist.

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# 2: Your Work Ethic

Don’t expect to be successful without having to put the work in. Rarely you see someone being an overnight success story. Especially being an independent artist, you have to work twice as hard. Understand that success will be determined by discipline. Work ethics will create avenues and opportunities for you and your listeners.

In our generation, musical attention spans are very short. The expectations of having that supply of dope music, is at an all time high.

  • Maintaining a physical presence is key to being a successful independent artist.  Be sure to network with other independent or recorded labeled artists.
  • Performing is so vital to your career. Doing shows, even if its free shows (when you are up and coming), creates visibility.
  • Consistency with your music creates a loyal fan base. Exploring and experimenting with your sounds creates avenues for a more diverse fan base.
  • Most importantly create music! Creating music on a consistent basis, will keep your listeners happy. In doing so, that keeps you up to date with your music.

In addition, make sure that your team has the same or even better work ethic than you. Working hard to achieve your dreams is not easy, especially being independent. As an artist you can’t be stagnating, put that work in!

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5 Tips on how to be a Successful Independent Music Artist
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