Wondering why your girl is obsessed with The Weeknd? We got you with 3 main reasons why your girl or girls in general love The Weeknd

1// His Lyrics

One of the main reasons why females love The Weeknd is because of his lyrics. His detailed lyrics on relationships and his explicit explanation of sexual fantasies is what makes females love him even more.

Abel Tesfaye “The Weeknd” brags that he’ll “put your mind in a dream world.” Damn right he will, with his R&B music he definitely transports you into a fantasy world – his world.

With all the vanity, sexism, drugs & narcissism its kind of hard not to. From pleasure to pain you get caught under his spell, making you want to be a stripper & do coke lines on the bathroom floor.

Yes – his music has that kind of impact, he can say “pussy ass nigga” in the most sexiest way. His vocals are so smooth & on point, people tend to compare him with Michael Jackson. Don’t believe me?

Listen to “Dirty Diana” from MJ then listen to The Weeknds version.

Here are some samples from his songs :

“Eddie Murphy shit/ Yeah, we trade places/ Rehearse lines to them and then we fuck faces” – Loft Music

“When I got on stage, she swore I was six feet tall/ But when she put it in her mouth she can’t seem to reach my ball.” – Kiss land

“Tell me you love me/ Only for tonight/ Even though you don’t love me” – Wicked Games

“I’m the drug in your veins/ just fight through the pain” – “What You Need”

“Baby livin’ off bliss got me drowning in your love/Got me drowning in the mist/ Gimme my attention or I’ll start drowning from my wrist” – The Party & After Party

“Do you like the way I flick my tongue or nah?/You can ride my face until you dripping cum/Can you lick the tip then throat the dick or nah?/Can you let me stretch that pussy out or nah?” – Or Nah

2// His Appearance

Another reason why girls love him is because of his appearance. The Weeknd has always been low key, he avoided the media his first 2 years. You probably had no idea who he was, you couldn’t find any pictures of him & if you did he was always covering his face. His mysteriousness mixed with dirty lyrics just made the girls go crazy, like who is this guy singing my life?! Now that he is out more publicly, he looks so serious or…. super fucked up – loaded on bunch of drugs.

Did I mention he has this crazy hair-do that for some reason girls are obsessed with?

Yeah it literally looks like he has a pineapple or a christmas tree on his head. Weird but unique & hey, the girls love it so its working for him. Not only does his hair cut play a part but he is always wearing black or camouflage & Long sleeves, never too flashy & that’s what attracts girls the most, the fact he is shy & basic. Girls just want to love him & be part of his fantasy world. Not to mention the XO merchandise he has for girls, he is always thinking about us.

3// His Performances

The Weeknd Performing

Last but not least, his performances!! OMG!! His fan base is so ridiculous! From sold out tours to parties in Vegas and Miami, to sold out shows overseas, this guy has the power to literally hypnotize everyone. The way he smoothly starts up the crowd, the way he creates an image & makes it come alive; the way he talks to the crowd “Boston! Can I make you cum 3 times?!” (slowly starts to melt) You have to go to one of his concerts to know what I am talking about.

Girls throwing their bras, panties & flashing him throughout the show, even throwing condoms at him! With smoke in the air & lighters up high everyone sings along with him. Besides his very dark explicit lyrics he has an immense love for his fans, he is so sweet & humble, in fact he is so appreciative of his supporting fans that for his 2013 “The fall tour” for album “Kiss Land” ; anyone who brought the album to the show would get an autograph signed by him after the concert. Can you imagine after a 2hr performance to sit down for another 3hrs to sign each & everyone’s CD for every single show!! Yeah Unbelievable!

Can you imagine how long those lines must’ve been? He definitely won the hearts of everyone & we cant wait for what he has in store for us. #XOTWO

Ladies do you agree? Comment a few reasons why you love The Weeknd.

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3 Reasons Why Girls Love The Weeknd
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